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Early June at the farm

I've been a mowing/weed whacking fool since returning from Colorado and KC/Tom's ranch. See the results!

Kay and I found what I think is a Tiger Lily in the woods.

Septic Tank activity

A giant hole in the field severed the phone line (now fixed). Part of soil testing for the septic system as I understand it.

View of the hole from the driveway.

Nicely fixed phone line. The phone company was unbelievably responsive!

Saturday at the Farm

Bill and Noah cleared the loop trail! The Ranger can now make the loop unencumbered.

While mowing and weed whacking, both Bill and I stepped into the ditch that will hold electrical wire for the new garage. I sunk up to my knee and had to be pulled out! In any event, we cleared the ditch of tall grass and put warning flags up.

See how nicely the fencing has been organized around the tractor shed?

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Bill and I went on a tour of the Corvallis watershed with about 40 other citizens. Here is one side of the handout we received. It was quite fascinating and we saw an owl (hybrid between a spotted owl and a bard owl). She was injured and now lives in captivity. She was awesome!

Our property is to the right of Stop 2. This is the other side of the handout we received.

New "easy pull" chain saw.

Old chain saws. The McCulloch committed suicide, and the Stihl was purchased in 2005. It may work, but it is challenging.

Sunday afternoon

At the very beginning of the creek trail, the road suffered some erosion despite the big rocks. We need to put some more on this site.

Very scary looking tree! Found lurking on the creek trail.

New planting of red cedar to replace one that died. This was done a month or so ago.

Last year's cedar planting. Hard to tell, but it is fairly tall now.

Lush forest scene on the creek trail.

Creek trail.

Flowering tree on the creek trail.

I love this bend in Rock Creek, a site enjoyed while on the creek trail.

Cows beware!

See how tall the grass in the field is?

We found a few scotch broom plants, including this big blooming one.

Wet day in the woods and everywhere!

After a couple of hot days, a lightning and thunderstorm hit just as we arrived at the farm on Friday night. Much rain fell on Saturday, so we were able to run errands, but not much else. Jessica had been in Portland checking on her store there, so she drove down Friday night and stayed until today, Sunday.

No dead flies littered the floors and the window sills this trip. Mysteriously, the stinky fly bags were full of dead flies. I think the flies are through hatching perhaps? Why did they suddenly take a liking to the stinky bags? Did pumping out the septic system have an effect? Who knows.

Our bunny was up and about this morning.

Lupin is through blooming but is quite healthy and obviously prepared to feed the Fender's blue butterflies.

Pretty flowers (wild iris?) among the lupin.

There are 10 largeish obstructions to the loop trail. Noah is coming down in a week to help Bill clear them.


After years of good intentions, I finally completed the project demonstrated below. As it turns out, it was easier than expected and cost only $12.40.

The white knob was functional, but made for a striking contrast.

It isn't a perfect match, but it looks pretty good.

Dee and Kay's hike

Lots of Trillium on our hike.

Well deserved rest.

More pretty wild flowers.

April 1 and 2 at the farm

Strawberry fields!

Kay and Luis out for a stroll.

Twelve turkeys in the field.

Luis struggles with tall grass.

Where's Waldo? Oooops, I mean Luis.