Sid found this GIANT hornet nest while patrolling the family forestland.


Kay and Bill attach sign #1 to a tree using string – no tree was injured during the signage event!

Roof venting and sign making

The roof venting is hard to see but makes a big difference in the heat retention upstairs.
This is what the venting piece looks like before it goes on the peak of the roof.
A view of the venting from the attic.
Kay and Diana making trail signs for the farm.

Logging continues and Bianca cools off in the creek

Our fire log cutter, Mike, cut some of the old logs I thought might make good firewood. He gave up, saying the wood was punky (too rotten to be good firewood). Mike will come back after fire season and cut some of the newly fallen trees left behind from this year’s logging.
Roof is going on the annex garage.
Ninebark (I think) shrub found by the bridge.
You can’t tell from this photo, but we are on top of a ridge looking down, down, down.