March walk on the rare dry day

Rock Creek is fairly high.
The big rocks have secured the banks and thus the bridge.
The Rock Creek trail starts out quite wet.
The large wood placement has helped create a rock island the creek surrounds. Good for fish, I think.
Dead Scotch broom. Thanks, Gio!
Riparian plantings of Western red cedar doing very well.
A beautiful dam caused by a fallen log. Nice animal crossing on the log above.
Bianca loved the dammed up area.

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Scotch broom eradication help!

Ari and Gio are Scotch broom killers to the core!
Large wood placement in Rock Creek is visible center screen.
On the bank of Rock Creek
Scotch broom … are you kidding me?!
Bianca is hunting near a snag the woodpeckers seem to be enjoying.
Another tasty snag
The new farmhouse roof looks great!

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Creek trail and the 2018 seedlings progress

At first I couldn’t figure out where the base of the tree was …
Lo and behold, if you look closely, the tree with a faint blue mark is just a fragment of its former self.
This big tree fell into the creek, taking part of the forest road with it.

Visiting the pond, where Griffith Creek comes onto Shiver River through a large culvert.
The seedlings planted in 2018 are doing well.
Arrrgh! Scotch broom!
As always, the Swimmin’ Hole is beautiful.

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Work goes on!

Jessica and Julius flew down to help pick out flooring for the remaining first level floors.
Julius sought Bianca’s opinion.
Sandra and Rossana help with siding.
Gio puts up the siding and it looks great!

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We suffered some blowdown from the December windstorms. Shane, one of our farm foresters will evaluate tomorrow. In the meantime, this is what Sid found after a brief look-see.

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December ice and new floors

Pre-Christmas ice storm left Bianca stranded … she couldn’t get up the front steps!
It was too cold to work outside, so Sid and Gio tore up the old linoleum and put down lovely new flooring in the farmhouse.

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Barn looks great!

Wow! No longer just a view of insulation, the barn is looking fantastic.
Bianca looks for predators in the late fall field.
Oregon in late fall causes Bill and Sid to dress accordingly.
Not much rain, so the creek is low.
Time to move some firewood closer to the house.
So pretty with the gold and green in contrast.
From left to right you can see the faint deer trail as they jump the fence from our neighbor’s place to ours in order to eat apples.
If you look hard you can see the apples.

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