Diana and Robert, married on the Shiver River bridge that spans Rock Creek.
July 6, 2019

Roofing, flooring and mowing

Sid hired one of Nina’s OSU friends to help.
Doug still working on the breezeway.
Another dump run for Bill and Dee.
Bill weed whacks tall grass near the cow lane.
Sid and Diana are supposed to cut the linoleum for the upstairs bathroom, not sleep on it.
The tractor engine looks great, but the tractor will not be ready until sometime after the Fourth of July.
Neighbor youngster is helping mow with the riding mower.
Dead grand fir across the creek. Combination of bark beetle and drought possible.

Bark added, wood remnants moved

Water is essential to tree vigor.
Weird plant growing in one of the entryway fields. Hmmmm…..maybe it will bloom and help us identify it.
There is a steep drop to the left of the barked blueberries. Caution … don’t mow too close, the edge isn’t very stable.
Mystery tree death. Needs investigating!

Sawmill tour and more

The little blue flowers are flax. Non-native, but not a problem. Jarod, the wildlife biologist from U.S. Fish and Wildlife named them for us. In addition, he heard the call of a black-throated grey warbler!
Tall oat grass. Forage, not native prairie fare.
The nine-bark is blooming by the bridge.
Rogue brewery where Bill and Diana went to an event celebrating the Willamette Initiative. Really cool.
Bill and Sid hang the new screen door.
While working on keeping the loop trail clear of annoying branches, we saw a lot of blooming ocean spray and about five deer!
Sawmill tour.