Ready for Rain

Time to either tarp the firewood or put it in the woodshed tent
Lots of progress on barn insulation
Bill and I on a Bald Hill tour of the work the Greenbelt and Trout Mt. are doing to liberate oaks and recreate the meadows of old.

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Load of small logs to chip mill

This truck is not only extra long, but it can load itself!
Driven by none other than Riley, neighbor Johnny’s grandson.
In December 2020, we dropped off the secretary to be rehabbed. It was sent to Kay and Judi’s mother, Aloise, by the Pooles. It eventually found itself at the farm, and then at Bopcha’s house in Corvallis.
Back to the farm, looking good. The glass is now flat, where once it was curved. I broke the curved glass when I was a kiddo staying out at the farm.

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FSC Auditor at Shiver River

FSC auditor Evan (from San Francisco), Trout Mountain’s Matt and Pamela, all stand with Sid after having taken a look at how Trout Mountain manages its client’s woodlands. Trout Mountain is FSC certified, and will likely be recertified. As its client, Shiver River is FSC certified as well.

From the net: FSC is a non-profit organization headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The letters FSC stand for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC was founded in Toronto in 1993 at the initiative of environmental organizations from 25 countries.

In 2022, FSC is supported by international business, governments, social and environmental organizations such as World Wide Fund for Nature , Greenpeace and ICCO .

FSC Certification is the process to obtain the FSC certificate. With an FSC certification, a company shows that it purchases and sells wood from sustainably managed forests. The certified company is part of the so-called Chain of Custody and is therefore a link in the trade chain from forest to end user, of wood from sustainably managed forests.

The FSC organization was established to promote responsible management of forests. The so-called FSC standard (also called the principles and criteria) for responsible forest management balances social, environmental and economic interests.

Forest management in accordance with this standard, with associated possible wood and paper production, protects forests for current and future generations.

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Logging continues

Bill, Tory, Sid, Kay and I (and Bianca, of course) inspect the latest logging progress.
The landing where the loop trail splits is full of felled trees at the moment. They smell wonderful in the summer heat.
This was once a giant patch of blackberry bushes!
Fire precaution

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Sunday walk to inspect logging activity

We saw four big machines in the woods: a cat; the red and white beast you see in the photo above; another beast painted green; and an oldish model firetruck.
I think this red beast picks up logs and puts them on the log truck.
A very “cool cat”
I think the green beast actually cuts trees.
The green beast’s attachment looks ominous and complicated.
Beautiful logs!
There are lovely log piles in spots along the loop trail.

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Logging begins!

Woodcutter Mike split the big pieces of wood that were on the flatbed that brought them out of our woods.

Bill got a little stacking done on a trip out to deliver/return a fire extinguisher that had been safety checked.
Logging requires safety measures. Here goes the fire truck that will serve as part of the fire suppression preparation.
The red container holds/held water for fire supression.
These are Shiver River logs!
Even Bianca is impressed.
Rick brought dirt to help Sid level the ground in front of the entrance to the annex.
How hard can the work be if it is the source of such laughter?

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Visitors, Logging and a busy August

Bill, Kurt, Kay, Alex, Sid, Diana, Sandra, Judi, Michelle, Sofie and Kevin. Kurt, Sofie, Michelle and Kevin came all the way from Germany to visit Shiver River and their favorite relatives.
Next came Jessica and Noah and their families. A good time to stack wood!
Julius and Will were the most help of all.
Mike the woodcutter split one load of the Shiver River logs he cut for firewood. More stacking in our future!
The logging equipment arrived on Tuesday, August 24.
New seat covers for the Ranger

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Firewood, mulch and logging prep

We only purchased three cords of mixed firewood this time. Here are two cords being delivered.
Third and final cord
Bianca won’t stack firewood and won’t spread mulch either.
Sid is putting a beautiful finish on this door.
Diana admires this tractor at the Benton County fair.
Bill prefers this one
Sigh….Scotch broom
This series of orange tape actually is a message to the loggers from Trout Mountain forester Shane.
Beautiful wasp nest remains near Diana’s boot
Pearly everlasting.

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Edging & fire prep

At Home Depot, getting cement bricks to edge the farmhouse garden
Fire season requires a fire hydrant and a shovel to be onboard the Ranger when we drive around the farm. Our old hydrants need replenishing (every year) so we opted for a new one so we would be compliant immediately.
The shovel handle has to be a certain length or longer. Ours meets the requirements.
Looks great!

After hauling all the edgers to the farm, the truck needed a rest. It is now in the shop.

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New tool, more firewood, and further goings on

Here’s our new bladed brush destroyer!
And here’s the safety helmet that goes with it.
Sid’s demo
More work on the big garage
Sandra is worth more than her weight in labor performance skills!
Sid befriends and feeds worms to a baby swallow that bonked its head on a window.
Not quite ready for prime time.
Mike ran out of diesel while stacking firewood onto the huge flatbed that was abandoned on Henkle Way. Sheriff notified months ago, but owner never found.
Mike mowed a nice path from the Loop trail to Rock Creek.
Perfect spot to wade on Rock Creek
Despite suffering from multiple poison oak rashes from a week ago, Diana bravely faces the wild once again.

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