Tour preparations

Day one involved getting a new battery for Unk’s Ford Ranger.

Moving and making repairs to one of the picnic tables.

Days one and two…buying and spreading straw to make the muddy part of the trail more walkable.


Prepping and organizing

Can anyone tell me why Bianca selects a dirt pile to rest on when there is nice, green grass nearby?

Random wood … we will move it to a landing to slowly rot away while providing habitat for small critters.

Some pieces are too long for the Ranger and the forest road.

Sid is standing where the wood will be stored. Rick is standing where tools and mowers will be stored.

We are hosting a tour on Friday. Sid mowed the path to make the walk a wee bit easier.

We think folks will enjoy seeing a large wood placement in Rock Creek.


Spring progress

Clean up continues.

The woodshed is in the midst of framing.

Sandra is back in Pennsylvania, but her hard work in the garden lives on!

Sid demonstrates the spikes he needs to stabilize Bopcha’s viewpoint.


Woodshed and bushwhacking

The new chicks find comfort cuddling with one another.

Sid and Bill admire Rick’s work on the new woodshed.

See the cement? This structure will withstand the wind!

Bushwhacking led Bill to a lovely spot where there are lots of blooming dogwood trees.

Aha! A clump of Scotch broom!

If you look closely, you can see all the Scotch broom clump lying down on the ground, ruthlessly chopped down by Bill and Diana.


Sandra, Nina & Will at work

Sid has a fine work crew here! They arrived on the 19th and 20th and have been hitting it hard ever since.

Kay makes sure Rick and the woodshed stay on task.

Fruit tree blossoms against a magnificent oak tree.

River rock purchased to fill the ditch that should stop water from running across the cow lane.

Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Sid and Miss Tym love hauling dirt, rock … you name it.

Kay makes sure the Loop trail is clear.

Sandra begins the organization of the big garage.

Nina is hard at work.

Will…where is the rest of that motorcycle?

The apple tree and Kay

One of three new chickens Nina and Will brought. Jack, a black rooster, Claire and ??? the golden Polish hens.


More clearing Rock Creek trail

Another obstruction just a wee bit further down the trail from yesterday’s efforts.

Diana had to take a quick trip back to have Sid put the chain back on the saw … guess we will avoid getting it stuck next time!

Obstruction cleared.

This one got manhandled off the road by Bill’s muscles.


Oh no!


More …



Clearing Rock Creek trail

The last of the firewood had been removed from the temporary woodshed in preparation for the construction of the new, permanent woodshed. We stacked it near the house for easy access.

Rick has started preparations for construction of the new woodshed.

The entrance to the woods on Rock Creek road is blocked.

This removal operation took two people, a chain saw, a hand saw, lots of patience, and a fair amount of brute force. Whew!

Road is cleared for passage … until you get to the next obstruction. We will do more tomorrow.


Griffith Creek pond in the wet season

A beautiful spring day for the crew (Kathleen & Blaine from MRWC, Bill, forester Shane, and fish biologist Steve) to look at how the large wood placements on Griffith Creek were behaving in the wet season. The water gets distributed far and wide in big rain events, some of the water wends its way through a forested area.

Complexity and chaos makes for good fish habitat. This is actually Rock Creek by the fallen tree that tore up part of the forest road. A new tree has fallen just past the big one.


Water, water everywhere …

Big Betty layed a BIG egg

The plum tree is really full of blossoms this spring!

The big front porch is finished and safe for walking.

Unk’s daffodils are blooming as are the ones Tory has added.

Firewood supplies are pretty much depleted.

Sid added the french drain to the output of the existing drain.

Water seepage from our neighbor’s uphill is flowing … a few days of sun and it stops cold.

The Rock Creek trail is full of obstructions. Bill has to duck to get into the entrance point to the woods.

Shane the forester has marked several spots where culverts may solve some of the seepage and seasonal flows that love to pool on the trail.


The tree that fell and tore a hole in the trail has caught lots of debris.

The pond that forms on Griffith Creek as it enters our property has four outflow points, one of which spreads into a wooded area, soaks into the ground and then flows down to the part of the Rock Creek trail where the fallen tree ripped a hole in the road – yes, the one I fell into.