Water, water everywhere …

Big Betty layed a BIG egg

The plum tree is really full of blossoms this spring!

The big front porch is finished and safe for walking.

Unk’s daffodils are blooming as are the ones Tory has added.

Firewood supplies are pretty much depleted.

Sid added the french drain to the output of the existing drain.

Water seepage from our neighbor’s uphill is flowing … a few days of sun and it stops cold.

The Rock Creek trail is full of obstructions. Bill has to duck to get into the entrance point to the woods.

Shane the forester has marked several spots where culverts may solve some of the seepage and seasonal flows that love to pool on the trail.


The tree that fell and tore a hole in the trail has caught lots of debris.

The pond that forms on Griffith Creek as it enters our property has four outflow points, one of which spreads into a wooded area, soaks into the ground and then flows down to the part of the Rock Creek trail where the fallen tree ripped a hole in the road – yes, the one I fell into.


Sunny days and lots going on

Rainbow promises

The persimmon tree to the far right is messy and dying. We took it down.

There will be a wonderful new tree taking its place. And no, Sid did not crush anything when he felled it!

Hoss and Torti lounge in front of the Annex fireplace.

The tiles are in place in the Annex bathroom.

This door will soon grace the joint entry to the Farmhouse and the Annex.

The breakfast nook in the Annex.

Rick is fixing the big porch off the Farmhouse living room. The old structural beams from the early 30s are still strong and will remain a part of the new porch.

The farm chickens stay busy all day.

From left to right: Snippy, Ruth, Grace and Betty.

Rainwater pooling in the cow lane

There is a drain under part of it.

Sid will install this french drain under the part of the cow lane where the water is pooling.

Bill and Diana are heading up the Loop trail to clear it of obstructions. Sid preps the chainsaw for the chore.

The two acre spot where we suffered so much blowdown has been replanted and the baby Doug-fir trees are thriving.

The seed we planted on the forest roads is doing well.


Tree planting

Tree planting crew out to replant approximately two-acres off the loop trail. The trees there were lost during last winter’s storm and were salvaged. Now new seedlings will add to age diversity.


Ice damage

The Shelter Logic equipment shed collapsed from the weight of the ice.

The gutters on the barn/big garage tore off when the ice came sliding down the metal roof.

The bent screw tells the story of just how hard the gutters tried to hang on for dear life.

Heading across the bridge to the forest on the far side of Rock Creek, we saw the beautiful, green creek.

The following photos will illustrate the damage we saw as we walked up the forest road that follows Rock Creek. At the junction of the new, bypass road, we headed up the road that leads to the Watershed Road and walked back that way. Less bushwhacking!

Five years after planting and the little trees are thriving!

Nooooo! It is hard to see, but our elderberry tree lost a branch ….

These are some mean looking chickens

Torti cowers … he doesn’t want to get pecked on the forehead like his pal Hoss!

At last Bianca the Maremma Sheepdog has a herd to protect


Icy day #2

Bianca, I hate to tell you this but the coyotes you love to bark at (or chase) are keeping warm somewhere in the woods!


Frigid January

A January day in the 20s (or less) didn’t keep Sandra and Bianca from checking on Rock Creek at the Swimmin’ Hole.


A cold walk in the woods

Surprise! After clearing this forest road that is a short distance from the Griffith Creek crossing, we find more fallen trees blocking it!

Griffith Creek has a new log lying across it. High water will take it downstream eventually.

The grass seed we put on the new road is sprouting.

The view from the top of the new road shows frost down below. Brrrrrrr……