Who felled this tree?
Bennie Beaver?
Under the floor heating put down in preparation for the cement layer
Big wood still in place
Old bridge almost gone
Bianca footprints to the left, bunny prints to the right?
New load of oak firewood for Bianca to chew.
One pile stacked on porch, and one to be tarped for later.

Ground leveled and dead trees removed

Kevin and his buldozer leveled the ground around the house, removed the dead apple trees, and graveled the driveway.
This is where the new water pressure pump (for the city water flowing to the house) will go.
This is the trench where the pipe will be placed connecting the water pressure pump to the main city line.

New Year and Progress Continues

While the electrician was here, we added porch lights to both farmhouse porches. Safety first!

Luna in the light of the porch.

Another load of seasoned oak to get us through the winter.

Stacking and tarping firewood to begin seasoning.

Tree that had fallen into the creek near the bridge has been swept downstream.

Griffith Creek large log placement is in place.

Natural debris below Griffith Creek large log placement has been swept downstream.


December rain and more

Winter winds broke the living room window that faces Marys Peak

Bill and Diana attend a two day conference on restoring the Willamette

A mysterious beast (Bianca?) chomped our peach tree in half

New ladder for roof climbing fun

Big John the tractor repair man unloads the tractor engine that doesn’t fit

New plantings in the clear cut area near Watershed Road

Bianca and Diana stacking and tarping cut wood in the wet forest