Wood from Grampa Brent’s tractor shed adds a touch of nostalgia to the chicken house.
Jessica and Julius walk down to the creek.
The creek is fascinating … too fascinating for comfort.
The rip rap stayed solidly in place throughout the recent high water!
Sid had one of the two farm milk cans sand blasted to get rid of the rust. It worked so well we will do the second one as well.
A pear tree was needed to replace one that died.
Pear tree in its new home.

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Winter preparations

Bill and Bianca inspect Sid’s road repair.
Is Sid dressed for winter? I think not. Alex and Bill give his outfit a critical look. Bianca turned her back.
Progress on the chicken house!
Alex takes a much-needed rest after working on the chicken house.

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Late October rain

Trenching added watering options in three additional spots.
Chicken house will go here.
Chicken house in progress
Bianca politely asks if she can play with Finn.
Just playing!
Horse burial site is leveling over time and with the rain
Looking at the neighboring clear cut from the now-passable loop trail
The loop trail is rugged going, but doable.
The woodshed/tent is full, and there is more, tarped wood outside.

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Alex operates the trencher as he and Sid prepare to put in water lines that will access well water to plantings.
Bianca looks on approvingly.
Bianca helps to pack the dirt over the pipes.
In case you wondered how in the heck Unk’s pickup could haul the 20 foot PVC pipe from store to farm? Look how cleverly Sid managed the task!

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Tulips, daffodils and narcissi

Tory, with help from Alex and Sid, planted all 400 of these bulbs this weekend.
The Pulaski weighs more than Tory!
A heart configuration planted on the hillside; 150 tulips around the base of the apple trees (pinks) and in Tory’s wedding garden (oranges); narcissi and daffodils elsewhere. Spring will bring a lovely array of color!
Torti did not assist in a single planting. He would rather hunt gophers.
RIP Midget

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Stockpiled for Winter

Alex likes to take an early morning dip in the swimmin’ hole. Yikes!
Sid and Kay fight over who gets to stack the last fragment of firewood.
Mike the woodcutter split one of the old logs located at the base of the hill the farmhouse sits on. It is in amazing shape despite having been sitting about 7 years. California redwood?

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