KC and two Zoiboyz at the farm!

KC, Sid, Sunny, and Phoenix arrive for a visit and farm inspection after their wildly successful coursing event in Washington state.

Bianca was a gracious hostess and took quite a liking to Phoenix.

Ms. Tym gets a workout distributing soil.

Sid found this beautiful redtail hawk on Henkle Way. It had an injured wing. Sid took off his shirt, wrapped the hawk, and …

the hawk thanked him profusely! Neighbor Ed unhooked the hawk’s talons from Sid’s arm and Sid delivered said hawk to the Chintimini Wildlife Center where they nurse like birds back to health.

This fun piece of equipment got used for a couple of chores near the top of the big garage/barn.

Bill and Diana took a tour of a lovely tree farm. Touring other folks’ tree farms is a wonderful way to learn.