Scotch broom (of course)

Sid and Bill attacked the Scotch broom on the hill behind the house. I was stacking wood.
Bill stares down a plant that had the nerve to grow smack in the middle of the field across the creek.

Collecting and splitting firewood piles hidden in the woods

Collecting firewood we hid in the woods this last summer.
Some of the wood is sized to fit in the wood stove, so it gets unloaded onto the porch.
Some has to be split.
Not much bank for the bridge to sit on.
Snags are great for woodpeckers.
Bianca bravely drinks out of the swimmin’ hole.
Noooooo….not Scotch broom!!!!

Ranger and firewood and floods

The pump house was leaking, so Sid is going to install flashing where the roof connects to the side of the barn.
With the Ranger undergoing repairs, Sid has been using his vehicle to cross the creek to access the stacks of firewood we have hidden in the woods.
Hooray! The Ranger is back and ready to rock and roll.
Swimmin’ hole is almost unrecognizable.

Apple tree pruning

The three big apple trees are getting their annual pruning today. These two trees need to have their vertical arches removed next year if the arborist determines the trees can stand it.

Bridge repairs?

The Rock Creek trail has plenty of blow down obstructing the forest road.
The creek bank under the bridge has eroded badly.
This side is jammed against the bank … torqued, we assume.
This is the bank on the house side of the creek.
Not much support left.
The Swimmin’ Hole is beautiful, nothwithstanding the erosion upstream.
Griffith Creek overflow.
Rain makes things lush….

Winter Rain

This is Griffith Creek spillover. A creek, acting naturally.

Griffith Creek where it crosses the Rock Creek trail. Even Bianca knows that swimming is not an option.
The little tree by the bridge bit the dust.
Gravel eroding or bridge moving?
Rock Creek in motion.
Sid, victorious that the tractor successfully rescued the Ranger from being stranded in the lower field. Time for its annual check up.

Planting 150 Calochortus tolmiei bulbs for our butterflies

We planted 150 of these cat ear bulbs so that our Fenders blue butterflies will have more nectar flowers to nibble on.

We planted about half across the creek, and half on the ridge of apple trees on the house side of the creek.
Bianca was nearby but was not interested in helping.
New woody debris in Rock Creek.
Is Sid roofing or does he just enjoy the view?

Praying Mantis and yard work

Praying mantis, the friendliest of insects, loves Sid.
We bought some hose organizers and they look terrific.
We got a shipment of lovely ground cover flowers (dianthus “firewitch” cheddar) which Sid is planting. We also got gifted some tulip bulbs from the fish researchers. Diana planted those.
At last, our battery operated hedge trimmer arrived.

Mountain Quail, roofing, firewood and (sigh) Scotch broom.

A beautiful Mountain quail came into the farmhouse to visit Sid.
Sid ponders the challenge of finishing the roof.
Loading the last of Mike’s hard work onto the Ranger. Sadly, we spotted tons of Scotch broom growing at or near this location. We pulled up most of it a couple of days after loading the wood.
Nasty stuff. Grrrrrr……
Keeping the alder/ash seedlings out of the meadow is a project begun, but far from finished.
We tarped the wood pile, but the wind blew it around and Sid had to redo it. Not easy!
Keeping the forest roads clear is an ongoing project.
We didn’t have the chainsaw, so this one will have to wait for another day.
Checking on our replanted clear cut.