Cement, scotch broom, trail clearing and a new bathroom floor

Did someone drive into the ditch? All ended well. No damage to the Ranger or to its driver!

Pretty bluebells growing in the woods.
Bianca is, as usual, being helpful as the cement truck pours cement for the city water pump floor.
Well pipes are also placed in the concrete.
Even after a couple of pulling sessions, scotch broom remains on the site near the field.
Some improvement can be seen, but at least one more pulling session is required.
Whaaaat? A scotch broom plant showed up uninvited to the field.
Sid is working on replacing the downstairs bathroom floor. Mold covers the subfloor where there was leaking.
A tree blocks the creek trail.
Lumberjane at work.
Tree blocking the creek trail came up by its roots.
Horrible bald-faced hornet nest in the big garage!