Wildlife and more!

If you look real close, you can see three coyotes in the field.
Bianca chased those rascals back into the woods.
Later, after the coyote sighting, Bianca found a bear ambling along in these woods, just off the Loop trail. Bianca was walking with Bill and I (Diana) when she suddenly froze, staring into the woods. We knew she had found something interesting … and sure enough, a black bear was headed up the hill in these woods! I missed catching the bear on film, but thought I would memorialize the spot . Very exciting.
The well bladder has a little house now. Or at least the beginning of a house.
It takes a long time for Sid to mow the field with our riding mower.
Bill cuts a fallen tree out of the field so mowing will be easier.
Me, resting after weed whacking nettles near our riparian plantings.