Woods and fields and fences

This little box insulates the pipes that lead from the well to the well bladder.
Sid, operating a saw! Gulp!
While walking the fields with Paul we ran across hidden scotch broom!
Goodbye scotch broom.
Clearing forest trails is a constant.
False brome (horrible invasive) is very visible in the field. Red alder is trying to sprout in the meadow as well. Ox eye daisy blooms are visible, too.
Bill and Diana with their shovels, creating a furrow that will allow wetland drainage to cross the forest road rather than pooling there.
Road clearing required.
Preparation for moving the pile of salvaged wood
Neighbor Doug removed the old fence and is reclaiming the strip of land between the old fence and our new fence.
Gate between our property and Doug’s.
These light colored piles are what is left after the chipper made lovely smelling cedar chips out of the brush piles that were stacked there.
New water heater fully installed. CPI rebate covered virtually all of the cost of the heater.
Moving the woodpile.
New sign in place.
Sid and Bill preparing platform to hold the firewood.