Fungi, firewood and a new sign

While walking in the woods near the Loop trail, Kay and I saw these cute fungi. Kay correctly (I think) identified them as puffballs. From the internet: “Puffballs are like marshmallows but they can be almost any size and are usually soft and squishy and edible when young and pure white inside. Then the white changes colour and turns to goo, and sometimes powder. In some cases, a hole opens up in the top so the powder can “puff” out when the rain falls (or somebody stomps on them for fun).”
Kay, placing game camera #1 on the Loop trail.
Kay, placing game camera #2 on the trail that leads from the Loop trail down to Rock Creek. Yes, there is a tree blocking the forest road!
Kay watches while Sid and Bill install a new sign indicating a small plot of replanted trees.
It is becoming increasingly clear that we will have to buy firewood later in the winter. Our supply does not look as if it will last.