Last days of December

Mere days before Christmas, the old stove ceased working … not an emergency except Sid and Sandra were expecting local family members over for a Christmas Eve feast! On the same day, the wood stove folks who were expected out … cancelled! In one day, Sid managed to buy a new farm stove, install it, buy parts for the wood stove, and fix it himself! All with NO HELP whatsoever from the Blakneys who were on their way to Mercer Island at the time.
Nice job, Sid.
So nicely aligned.
A temporary stop to firewood loading via the Ranger … it died.
Bert (our transport guy), Sid, Bill and Bianca push the Ranger into position for loading.
The Ranger’s winch pulled the Ranger up and onto the flatbed.
The Ranger’s temporary demise did not slow the forest warriors.
Unk’s pickup to the rescue.