Dogwood in bloom

We hoofed it up the hill near the pond entrance to find the dogwoods and the Pacific yew trees Mike the woodcutter reported seeing. Saw this beauty on our way up the hill.
At the top of the hill, we saw evidence of Mike’s hard work. The spider-looking tree is one of the many Pacific yew trees there. Who knew we had so many? It is a fairly rare tree … poisonous to nibble on any part of it, but the source of a cancer fighting drug: Taxol.
A number of beautiful Pacific dogwood trees were up on the hill as well. Truly stunning!
Western dogwood (aka red osier dogwood) is a shrub, not a tree. It is the other native dogwood in our area. This beauty is along Rock Creek, headed toward the Rock Creek trail into the woods.
Common Camas abounds in the field across the creek.
Sid, hard at work.
From Sid:
I had a friend giving up his blueberry farm , so I took three plants. It took me a good 8 hours, to dig 3 of them out drive them to the farm and replant them. About killed me, no joke.
As a reward for his hard work, sister Diana bought Sid a Mason bee house.
Sid found this good-looker in the mulch.
We THINK it is an Agrocybe praecox mushroom.