Late June chores

The dark purple row of blooms next to the fence along the cow lane is an invasion of purple vetch. It will choke out everything in its path, given a chance. Mowing or weed-whacking its blooms will not kill it, but will control its spread. I chose to weed whack the couple of patches found fairly close to the house.
My weapon of choice.
Because it is a vine, the Vetch has a nasty habit of winding around the weed whacker, rendering it inoperable.
Sid and Bill mow while I weed whack.
More vetch!
It’s hard to tell, but the field is full of the tiny blue flowers seen in the close up photo above.
Bianca found something dead in the woods. It was like catnip to a cat!
Bianca, watching five deer cavorting in the field.
Sid and Bill moved our extra pallets to the landing where we stack firewood.