Mountain Quail, roofing, firewood and (sigh) Scotch broom.

A beautiful Mountain quail came into the farmhouse to visit Sid.
Sid ponders the challenge of finishing the roof.
Loading the last of Mike’s hard work onto the Ranger. Sadly, we spotted tons of Scotch broom growing at or near this location. We pulled up most of it a couple of days after loading the wood.
Nasty stuff. Grrrrrr……
Keeping the alder/ash seedlings out of the meadow is a project begun, but far from finished.
We tarped the wood pile, but the wind blew it around and Sid had to redo it. Not easy!
Keeping the forest roads clear is an ongoing project.
We didn’t have the chainsaw, so this one will have to wait for another day.
Checking on our replanted clear cut.