No butterflies, low creek levels

Paul was out to count Fender’s blue butterflies last week. Neighbor Johnny had 65. Shiver River had 0. Not a misprint. Zero.

On the good news side, Sandra is going to paint/stain the front porch! What a blessing! Here is the before photo.
Sid is good at mechanical upkeep. Here he is putting a new, sharp chain on our marvelous battery chain saw.
Even a good mechanic needs an extra pair of hands sometimes and Bianca chose to nap rather than help.
I left the game camera up for a month. All I got was deer … lots of deer…
and the occasional brother with dog.
The Scotch broom is blooming. Makes it easier to spot and kill …
Rock Creek and Griffith Creek are low.
The sharp bladed chain made clearing the forest roads much faster.