Repairs made, wood stacked, obstruction removed, flowers enjoyed and habitat restoration and timber management tour attended

Sandra made a neat pile of the remaining firewood before she departed for Philly
Mower repair by Sid. I dare you to spot the break!
Loop trail obstruction removed
There are some beautiful foxgloves near the Griffith Creek pond. They are an invasive, apparently, but I can’t bear to remove them.
Bill and I participated in a tour of Jim and Ed Mer….’s 1000 acre tree farm (Oak Basin TF). I fell in love with their signage.
Near the top of one of the  Coburg Hills, a range of foothills of the western Cascade Range of Lane and Linn counties. The view of the south Willamette Valley is amazing (especially if there weren’t some fire smoke drifting in).
The brothers built a one-room hunting (?) cabin near the top.
Jim M. shows us the Spirit Tree, a historical sacred place for the Callipooya. It is likely more than 500 years old.