Shiver River tour

Shiver River Tour, Tuesday, October 25th, 9 – 11 am.
Come join 2019 BSWA Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year, Diana Blakney and Sid Picht, for a visit to see beautiful Shiver River at the base of Marys Peak. Shane Hetzler of Trout Mountain Forestry and logger Shane Russell of ShaneCo Timber Inc. will lead the tour of the 60 acre commercial thinning that was completed in mid October. Along the one mile moderate loop hike on a logging road, we will learn how the trees were selected, how the markets were chosen, and the various challenges faced. Trout Mountain and its predecessors have helped manage Shiver River’s 140 acres of timber sustainably for nearly 50 years. 
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 25 from 9 to 11.   
This is a great opportunity to bring a friend or neighbor and talk about trees!
Young hemlock tree growing out of a stump.
Whipplea modesta
Mat of trailing stems. Main stem somewhat woody; bark gray-brown, peeling in narrow strips. Leaves oval to egg-shaped, shallowly toothed, on very short petioles, with coarse hairs. Leaves persist on stems after withering. Inflorescence consists of dense terminal clusters on short erect shoots from main stem. Flowers small, with 5–6 white egg-shaped petals. Grows in conifer forests, openings, on banks, below 5000 ft.
Rarity: Common
Flowering Time: Late Spring, Early Summer
Life Cycle: Perennial
Height: Mat
Habitat: West-Side Forest
Found In: Olympic Np, Mt. Rainier Np, N Cascades Np, Siskiyous
Native: Yes
Thank you, Shane!