Ice damage

The Shelter Logic equipment shed collapsed from the weight of the ice.

The gutters on the barn/big garage tore off when the ice came sliding down the metal roof.

The bent screw tells the story of just how hard the gutters tried to hang on for dear life.

Heading across the bridge to the forest on the far side of Rock Creek, we saw the beautiful, green creek.

The following photos will illustrate the damage we saw as we walked up the forest road that follows Rock Creek. At the junction of the new, bypass road, we headed up the road that leads to the Watershed Road and walked back that way. Less bushwhacking!

Five years after planting and the little trees are thriving!

Nooooo! It is hard to see, but our elderberry tree lost a branch ….

These are some mean looking chickens

Torti cowers … he doesn’t want to get pecked on the forehead like his pal Hoss!

At last Bianca the Maremma Sheepdog has a herd to protect