Sunny days and lots going on

Rainbow promises

The persimmon tree to the far right is messy and dying. We took it down.

There will be a wonderful new tree taking its place. And no, Sid did not crush anything when he felled it!

Hoss and Torti lounge in front of the Annex fireplace.

The tiles are in place in the Annex bathroom.

This door will soon grace the joint entry to the Farmhouse and the Annex.

The breakfast nook in the Annex.

Rick is fixing the big porch off the Farmhouse living room. The old structural beams from the early 30s are still strong and will remain a part of the new porch.

The farm chickens stay busy all day.

From left to right: Snippy, Ruth, Grace and Betty.

Rainwater pooling in the cow lane

There is a drain under part of it.

Sid will install this french drain under the part of the cow lane where the water is pooling.

Bill and Diana are heading up the Loop trail to clear it of obstructions. Sid preps the chainsaw for the chore.

The two acre spot where we suffered so much blowdown has been replanted and the baby Doug-fir trees are thriving.

The seed we planted on the forest roads is doing well.