Bluebells were everywhere in the woods

A lovely patch of Unk’s daffodils

Salamanders abound

Fancy ducks crossing Henkle Way
With Spring comes the invasive battle. This is the before photo, taken after Kay, Bill and Dee had already pulled a bunch of Scotch Broom.
This is the after photo. Not all of it gone by a long shot.

The purchase of a small, battery-operated chain saw was genius!

March and Sunshine!

Kay inspects Sid’s work.

Flat tire! Sid removed, Diana and Bill took it to be fixed and Sid put it back on. Voila! Success and a couple of trips to get firewood from the woods.


Farm in February

Oh oh! Fallen log across the loop trail!
It is a big one, too.
Bill and Sid saw away!
Of course Diana does most of the work!
Yay! The trail is now clear.



Santa or Sid?

Farm truck dies on third street.

Rock Creek from the bridge.

Big log placement is stable even with high water.
Such a beautiful yet scary sight!
Moss factory at work.
Pretty salamander!

Just another Monday . . .

My contribution to putting Sid on the roof to clean out the wood stove chimney. Kay helped too, but no photos were taken memorializing her contribution!
Bill, holding a rope for Sid to hang onto while traversing the slick roof.


Sid and Bill hoisted a couple of roof structures in Rick’s absence.

Rains and a Roof

Roof is beginning to take shape.
Sid, protected from the rain by the newly installed attic floor.
Sid lifted most of these 72 lb sheets up by himself. Bill came to the rescue the next day and helped put up more.
Roof progress!