Fall 2017

Molly and Noah, husband and wife!
Molly and Noah got married at the farm on September 23, 2017.
Framing has begun, it is now October.
October photos deep in the woods on the creek trail.
A peek at Rock Creek on the creek trail.
A plethora of vine maple on the creek trail.
Farm Forester Scott (played basketball for Yale – no surprise) with Sid.
Scott and Diana during Scott’s tour of the annex.

More glamour added to an otherwise boring shot of green stuff.
A glamour shot of Diana and the annex siding.
Two rose bushes added to Judi’s white rose.
Bill, hard at work.
Bill prepares the soil for a transplant from the Corvallis townhouse to the farm.
New gravel placement around the annex perimeter.
Sid and Rick.
New gravel keeps the mud at bay.
Sid, posing in front of the green things he and Rick are placing on the framing in anticipation of our typical rainy fall and winter (and spring).

Eclipse and Beyond

Oak tree against the eclipsed sky.

Sid and his new saw (he had to disassemble and fix it, but it works!)
Rick at work.
Kay spots coyote skat!

A busy July

Roots in the old septic system!
Fields mowed.

Rick and Sid working in preparation of framing.

Sandra’s touch makes things prettier.
Luna snoozing in the shade.
I don’t know how she conquered the hard dirt and weeds in this corner, but Sandra did!

Late May 2017

The house looks so pretty from Henkle Way. Sid did a good job mowing the front fields.

Oh no! Sid is teaching my son to ride his motorcycle!
Men exploring the foundation location.

There is a trench to the left for underground power lines and telephone line.
Trench and Noah riding the bike.

Lots of Activity and Progress at Shiver River

Sid brought Zuki, Luna and Tortellini with him to the farm. He put a little fence around the porch so that they could get acquainted with their new home.

It didn’t take long for the cats to test the boundaries.
After a couple of weeks of acclimation, and a near-catch of a large rodent, Torti looks over his empire.
Kay and Sid, resting in the afternoon.
Woodshed is gone.
Ground being prepared.

Sid was without power at first, so Kay cooked sourdough pancakes.
On her campstove!
Recognize the old wallpaper in the kitchen? The cupboard covering it got moved temporarily so an electrical panel could be squeezed in.
Sid at play on one (of three) new dirtbikes!