Walking through the woods

We got the parts, now Sid the mechanic is making repairs to the riding mower. If you think the photo makes it look confusing, you are in the majority.
Rock Creek is very, very low.
Lots of great stream complexity is revealed now that the water is so low.
The riparian plantings down off the Rock Creek trail are thriving.
Scotch broom! In the clear cut!
We cut some blackberries away from our little Doug-fir, but mostly the little trees are doing well.
There is an obstruction at the end of the trail leading from the Rock Creek trail to the clear cut. We may end up leaving it because it covers a part of the trail that is super wet, even in this dry weather. It is a bad place to drive the Ranger as a result.
Can you see the water?
As you can see from my boot, even walking across the wet spot is a mess!