First day of Spring 2020

Oh no! A big log fell across the forest trail that leads to the clear cut planting site.
Our new battery operated chain saw made quick work of it.
This beautiful trillium was growing in the smaller planting site. First one I’ve seen this year.
Our little Doug-fir seedlings are doing well.
This is the third Yew tree we have located on the farm.
The Griffith Creek culvert.
From Wikipedia: Petasites frigidus,  Arctic sweet coltsfoot[, is a species of flowering plant in the daisy family Asteraceae. It is native to Arctic to cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in northern Europe, northern Asia and northern North America. It is a herbaceous perennial plant producing flowering stems in early spring, and large leaves through the summer. The upright flowering stems are 10–20 cm tall, and bear only 5-12 inflorescences, yellowish-white to pink in colour. The leaves are rounded, 15–20 cm broad, with a deeply cleft base and shallowly lobed margin, and rise directly from the underground rootstock. The underside of the leaves is covered with matted, woolly fuzz. It grows in moist shaded ground, preferring stream banks and seeping ground of cut-banks.
The leaf stalks and flower stems (with flowers) are edible and can be used as a vegetable dish. A salt-substitute can also be made by drying and then burning the leaves. This black, powdery substance will provide a salty taste. However, given the high likelihood of the presence of toxic unsaturated, diester pyrrolizidine alkaloids in this species, consumption should be very limited.
A large wood structure near the pond on Griffith Creek.
A friendly slug.
More downed logs bite the dust (or the moss and salal).
That darn scotch broom.
Sid is digging up a rock that interferes with mowing.
This tractor attachment was so heavy it took three of us to move it.
Long story. Despite our having spent some time removing mowing barriers, the minute Sid started mowing with the riding mower, hidden wire got tangled in the blades. The riding mower lift was stored in the garage, blocked by the tractor. Sid had to move to tractor to access the mower lift.
The mower is on the lift.
Safety first, little brother … put those gloves on.
Wire removed successfully!