Spring in the woods

Our new battery operated chain saw works great … but the small battery Sid already had to operate his other Milwaukee tools doesn’t allow for more than what you see here. We have ordered a more powerful battery as a result.
Sid and Bill, social distancing.
Fairy slipper (calypso bulbosa). We always called this lovely forest orchid “lady slipper.” As it turns out, however, lady slippers, while related, are not what we have in our woods.
Buttercups are still buttercups, luckily. There are different kinds, but they all carry the name buttercup so I stopped my identification investigation there.
Not good news. This is shiny-leaf geranium and it is a much disliked invasive. It is really hard to control. Pulling it up every time you see it is about the best you can do.
Do NOT eat or taste this guy! He/she is a rough skinned newt. A guy in a bar once ate one on a bet and dropped dead. The only predator it has is a certain garter snake.
This beautiful bloom on a creek side shrub shall remain unidentified for now. I just couldn’t figure it out. Plus, I was supposed to be pulling up scotch broom with Bill.
Western wood anemone (aka Lyall’s anemone or Anemone quinquefolia)
Snowberry. We have lots of it and it is an important browse plant for our animal friends.
Snowberry leaves up close.
Bill walking out of the woods, Sid in the far distance … weed whacking.