Fish count preparations

Griffith Creek crosses the Creek trail just ahead. To the right is a plastic container that holds the batteries that the fish researchers will use to count fish this Saturday. This survey is part of the ODFW Aquatic Inventories Project: Created in 1990, the Aquatic Inventories Project is a statewide freshwater and estuarine research program.  The project assesses aquatic habitat, conducts fish presence/absence surveys, monitors fish populations, establishes salmonid watershed prioritization, monitors habitat restoration projects, and reconstructs historical salmonid life history.  
The wires from the batteries lead onto a trail that ultimately reaches Rock Creek.
Sid follows the wires. Bill and I follow.
Bill makes it look easy, but this log was HARD to get over!
Two parallel lines are formed by the electrical wires.
I think the fish are stunned and counted. Hopefully they recover quickly. Otherwise it will be trout for lunch!
Sid continues to mow.
As does Bill.