Misc. deeds on a lovely day

Buckets of rock from the Bark Place.
The rock filled a hole or two Bianca dug.
This is the inside of the mower where two belts operate the mowing blades. One of the belts came off and Sid discovered it was almost completely torn in half. The other one was only slightly damaged. We picked a replacement up and Sid somehow figured how to wind it all back together.
See that insect? We thought it might be the killer bee from Washington, but it wasn’t. In fact, it is not a bee at all. It is a robber or assassin fly (laphria vulfur). They lurk near bees nests and prey on the innocent little bees! Awful!
We found a new place for the game camera.
Pacific ninebark, a native shrub.
Bianca went to a lot of trouble to roll in cow dung only to have her master give her a bath. Sad!