Summer Workforce Makes Big Impact

Tory’s garden has never looked better thanks to Sandra, who spent August making improvements both in and out of the house.
Bianca agrees that Sandra is the hardest worker.
Nina and Alex did their share, too.
Here’s the guy who makes our summer workforce get up and at em every day.
While he puts on shingles.
Hoss would rather ride a motorcycle. Beats hunting!
An errant sapling bites the dust. Sadly, the Reed canarygrass eradication will have to wait another day.
Two patches of Reed canarygrass AND blackberries. A project for another day.
We put the game camera up in the same location as last time. Will the bear, cougar, elk and others return?
The battery pack for the fish counting folks is still next to Griffith Creek.
Griffith Creek is low.
Hard to see, but there are lots of elderberries (both ripe and green) on this skinny tree.