Clear skies – no smoke from wildfires

After nearly two weeks of bad air from wildfire smoke, it is back to work time at the farm!
Bill and Diana, armed to the teeth, head up the Loop trail to check out the status of the road. It is very important to keep it clear of fallen trees in the event a fire requires fire suppression equipment access.
I think (but don’t know) that this mushroom is Chicken of the woods, or Sulphur shelf (laetiporus sulphureus). From the internet:
“Chicken of the woods is another locally harvested mushroom. It is hard to miss, with its vibrant orange and yellow shelves fanning out on tree trunks. With a dense and firm texture and a taste reminiscent of chicken, they are wonderful in soups, stir-fries, marinades and in place of chicken in vegetarian “chicken” salad. These mushrooms must be harvested while very young and fresh before they become tough and inedible. “
Bill hefts a log to block entrance to property that does not belong to us.
Do not take the Ranger onto other folks’ property!
Yeow! A veritable field of poison oak just off the Loop trail.
The Loop trail was impediment free for the most part. Bill and Diana head across Rock Creek to examine the Creek trail.
The riparian plantings (mostly Western red cedar) look good, but the weeds make bushwhacking necessary.
The large wood placement in this area is doing its job well. Look at all the debris!
Back at the house in time to spot Sid while he’s on the roof.