Rocks of all sizes – bridge work prep begins

This morning, Merle of Mid Pacific Enterprises, Inc. delivered the boulders you see in this photo. They will be used to stabilize the banks of Rock Creek and thus save our bridge. The actual work will not begin quite yet.
No dang coyote is going to claim these boulders as long as Bianca has a say.
This load of 3-4″ open crushed rock will be used for a couple of purposes: (1) to maintain the forest road called the Rock Creek trail (because it follows Rock Creek from its beginning in the field across the bridge from the farmhouse); .(2) to fill a portion of a ditch that runs from the dog corral down toward the creek. Both uses need to allow water to run through the rock rather than be dammed up by it. Crushed rock comes in different grades depending on the percentage of “fines” in the mix. Fines are any bits of rock smaller than the size indicated. So for 3-4 inch rock, for instance, fines would mean anything less than 3-4 inch all the way down to dust. 3-4 inch minus will not drain as well as 3-4 inch open.