Big rotten log cleared away

Sid tested the new chain for sharpness before heading into the woods to clear a forest road blockage.

The rings on the tree were very interesting, as was the star-like pattern near the heartwood.

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I sent the top photo to Extension and here is the reply:๎จน
Tue 10/10/2023 11:01 AM
Dear blakney1, here’s the response to your question:

I suspect that is resin from branch stobs.  A longer one is quite obvious on the right side of the picture but does not show the white resin, and I believe the star like pattern is a result of other stobs not exposed as well but still resinous.  Branches are major invasion courts for wood decay (heart rot) fungi, and therefore, the tree will pack branches with resin to prevent invasion.  If you sliced off another inch, you might see the other stobs to confirm.

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