Yellow jackets impede road clearing efforts

There typically was a passageway between the little clump of trees you see on the right and the forest on the left. Sid set out to clear the passageway from various blockages on a fine Sunday morning when he discovered a decimated yellow jacket nest that had been dug up by a skunk or racoon (?). A number of the unhoused yellow jackets took offense and attacked! Sid was stung 7 or 8 times on the back. He felt a reaction setting in, so he epi penned himself, texted Diana and Sandra, and drove to Philomath urgent care. A steroid shot and an oral Benadryl dose later, the doc released him to his sister’s care. Here he is, showing Diana and Bill where the event took place.

As long as we were all here, Bill and I helped Sid finish clearing the passageway.

Our wild Elderberry has lovely berries.